The Claude Monet Limited Edition

The Claude Monet Limited Edition

The LeBoeuf Pen Company honors Claude Monet, the world-famous French painter with this stunning Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Roller Ball.
Claude Monet, whose works began what became known as the Impressionist art movement was born in Paris on November 14, 1840. Monet developed his passion for art over time, starting with caricature and then, encouraged by his father, painting, which he studied in Paris in 1859 at the Swiss Academy.
The Impressionist movement was set in motion with a single work of art - Claude Monet's Impression, Sunrise. Painted in 1872, this light and airy landscape painting was first shown at what would become known as the Exhibition of the Impressionists in Paris in April 1874.
The iconic painting depicts Le Havre in the Northwest of France, Claude Monet’s hometown. This particular work depicts Le Havre port at sunrise, featuring two small rowboats on the water in the foreground, the red rising Sun as the focal point, and clipper ships with tall masts in the background.
The LeBoeuf Claude Monet “Impression, Sunrise” Limited Edition features a one-of-a-kind acrylic barrel that combines the color palette that Monet used in his most famous painting. Featuring a mix of Blue, Gray, and orange, the pen barrel captures the color scheme of Monet’s “Impression, Sunrise” as if Monet painted it himself.
Each Barrel is engraved with Claude Monet’s famous signature in gold fill and a gold-plated embossed coin featuring Monet’s portrait has been carefully placed atop each pen cap. A Gold-plated clip and band enhance the elegance of this very special pen.
The Claude Monet Limited Edition is available as both a Fountain Pen and Roller Ball. Each Fountain Pen features a German 14kt gold plated nib in both Fine and Medium points and utilizes a cartridge/converter filling system. The Roller Ball uses a standard International refill.
Each pen is packaged in a special commemorative Navy Blue box that also features Claude Monet’s famous signature.






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