The Harry Houdini Limited Edition

The Harry Houdini Limited Edition


The LeBoeuf Pen Company proudly honors  Harry Houdini, history's most famous magician, with this stunning Limited Edition fountain pen and roller ball.

Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874.  As a stage name, Ehrich Weiss became Harry Houdini by adding an A to the last name of his idol, French magician Robert Houdin.  At 17, Ehrich, now known as Harry Houdini, left his family to pursue his magic career. At the twenty, Houdini had performed small acts throughout New York. He soon joined a circus where he began to develop and perfect his escape tricks.

Through the years, Houdini gained fame after repeatedly escaping from police handcuffs and jails.  After making his name in America, Harry toured Europe and expanded his repertoire by escaping from straitjackets and coffins. Eventually, he accomplished his dream of having a full show dedicated to his magic.

In the 1920s, Harry became interested in the occult, specifically in debunking mediums and psychics. His training in magic helped him expose frauds that scientists and academics could not. He chronicled his time investigating the occult in his book, A Magician among the Spirits.

The LeBoeuf Harry Houdini Limited Edition was designed using an exclusive acrylic called Mystic Black Smoke.  This special material was inspired by the mystical presence of Houdini, whose magical acts left his audiences in wonder and amazement.  The stunning Smoke Gray barrel with flecks of Black Magic flakes creates a magical combination of colors reminiscent of Houdini and the magical acts he performed.


Each Barrel is engraved with Harry Houdini’s famous signature in Red paint fill.  A  gold-plated embossed coin featuring a portrait of Harry Houdini has been carefully placed atop each pen cap.  A Gold-plated clip and band enhance the elegance of this unique writing instrument.

The Harry Houdini Limited Edition is available as a Fountain Pen and Roller Ball.  Each Fountain Pen features a German 14kt gold plated nib in both Fine and Medium points and utilizes a cartridge/converter filling system. The Roller Ball uses a standard International refill.

Each pen is packaged in a special commemorative Harry Houdini pen box.

The LeBoeuf Harry Houdini Limited Edition is a stunning tribute to the World’s most famous Magician whose last name “Houdini” has become synonymous with the words Magic and Illusion.

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