The Paul Revere Limited Edition

The Paul Revere Limited Edition

The LeBoeuf Paul Revere Limited Edition

The LeBoeuf Pen Company proudly honors America’s most famous Patriot, the Legendary Paul Revere, with this stunning limited edition Fountain Pen and Roller Ball.

Paul Revere was born in Boston on January 1, 1735.  He enjoys a special place in American history for his role in the American Revolution. Revere leveraged his business and political connections in support of American patriots and is most famous for his ride to alert Colonial militia members of the approach of British troops. Less-known history includes his involvement in the creation of the Colonial intelligence system monitoring the British military and his tenure as a military officer during the American Revolution

Beginning in December 1773, Revere rode as a courier to New York and Philadelphia on behalf of the Boston Committee of Public Safety. He provided reports on the political situation and unrest in Boston and his rides were monitored by British intelligence.

In the weeks leading up to the Battles of Lexington and Concord, British Army activity indicated a possibility of troop movement.  On the night of April 18, 1775, acting upon orders from Gage, British troops moved out, ostensibly to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock. In actuality, the capture of the two rebel leaders was a portion of the goal, but the primary goal was the seizure or destruction of rebel military stores in and near Concord. Based on information about the troop movements, Revere set out to warn their leaders and alert local militias of the British activities.

Paul Revere is one of the best-known figures of the American Revolution. While he is best known for his work of one night, he was a full and active participant in numerous revolutionary activities and a leading figure in the development of the new nation’s economic and political structures.

The LeBoeuf Paul Revere Limited Edition features a special “Boston Red” marble acrylic which was selected to honor Both Paul Revere’s birthplace and the city where the American Revolution began.

Each Barrel is engraved in gold fill with Paul Revere’s famous signature. A gold-plated embossed coin featuring his portrait has been carefully placed atop each pen cap and a gold-plated clip and band have been added to enhance the elegance of this very special pen.

The Paul Revere Limited Edition is available as both a Fountain Pen and Roller Ball.  Each Fountain Pen features a German 14kt gold plated nib in both Fine and Medium points and utilizes a cartridge/converter filling system. The Roller Ball uses a standard International refill.

Each pen is packaged in a special commemorative box that also features Paul Revere’s famous signature.

The LeBoeuf Paul Revere Limited Edition is a stunning tribute to one of America's greatest patriots whose Midnight Ride in April of 1775  played a significant role in the ultimate victory of the American Patriots.
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